• Becca Niburg

Can I get a green card with DACA?

DACA has been all over the news for the past 4 years and it finally seems like it is here to stay! Great news for those people that came over as children and know no other country but the United States as home, but DACA is not a "status" for immigration purposes. DACA is a promise by the government not to send a holder back to their country of birth, but outside of a driver's license and work permit, DACA holders cannot really be completely secure in their life in the US. The administration has introduced a bill in Congress that would change the way that DACA operates: possibly providing a green card or citizenship to DACA holders. Until a bill passes, however, DACA holders will have to look for other options.

So what are those other options? DACA holders may have family members who have immigration status. Whether their parents, siblings, or children (once they become old enough) are/become citizens or they fall in love with a U.S. citizen, opportunities arise to get a green card because of the relationship. Their employers can also sponsor DACA holders to work at their companies and other humanitarian based aid may arise in the course of their lives. When doing the regular DACA renewal, it is always a good idea to check in with your attorney about any changes in your life to see if anything has come up since you last checked in.

One last note: DACA holders can travel outside of the United States, but need permission to travel - they should not just plan that fabulous Caribbean vacation thinking that once they leave, they can come back in like their U.S. born friends! The permission needed is called "advance parole" and is available for DACA holders with “humanitarian, education, or employment” reasons for travel.

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